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Open Dutch Quiz Contest

Saturday, the 3th of February 2024, is the 15th edition of the Open Nederlandse Quiz Contest! This year, the quiz will take place in the Martini Church in Groningen. We assume it will be a big success again and are definitely looking forward to it!

Just like previous editions, the quiz will consist of 9 exciting rounds. In total, we have two photo rounds, two music rounds, and five rounds with trivia questions. The organisation of the Netherlands’ biggest knowledge quiz is in the hands of Progress Events.

Last year, teams competed for first place during the online version of ONQC 2023. In the end, team “Korsakofschip” managed to win with an almost perfect score (79 pt total). For the fouth time in history, this team can call themselves “Best Team” of the ONQC, three of which occurred during the physical and one online

* Max 5 people per team


Sign up with your team through this link, and play along in the Martini Church!